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Born in Siberia – Now in the UK

Natura Siberica offers natural & organic beauty products made with unique ingredients sourced from the unspoilt lands of Siberia.

Natura Siberica is the first Certified Organic beauty brand based on wild harvested herbs and exclusive natural ingredients sourced from the unspoilt continent of Siberia. We are humbled to be launching into the UK this unique range of products to consumers who appreciate the importance of using natural organic products on their skin and hair.

Siberia is a unique region of the world where wildlife has remained unchanged for centuries. The herbs traditionally used by Siberians for countless years were made into elixirs of health and beauty for the Russian Royal family.

Their modern history began in the 1940s, when Russian botanists Lazarev and Brekhram investigated over 4,000 plants and herbs and identified twelve which were special adaptogens. These unique plants survived the Ice Age by adapting to one of the planets harshest of environments. As a result, they possess rare qualities which help to enhance general well-being, and when used therapeutically, are renowned for slowing the aging process of the skin.

Founded in 2007, Natura Siberica beauty products contain these natural adaptogens along with other Siberian herbs and plants which offer unique health and beauty benefits, possessing strong antioxidants and protective properties.

The Natura Siberica range uses Siberian Pine Oil (Pinus Siberica Seed Oil) as the base for all creams, conditioners and shampoos. It is 5 times richer in vitamin E than Olive Oil and 3 times richer in vitamin F than cod liver oil, thus it reinforces the skins natural barriers and protects against the harmful effects of wind, cold and severe environments.

The purity of the formulas used in Natura Siberica products are guaranteed by European certificates of ECO BIO cosmetics ECOCERT and ICEA, and Natura Siberica is the only company approved by COSMOS-Standard AISBL in 2011.

Expeditions in Siberia by Natura Siberica allowed researchers to learn from local tribes the traditional recipes using these unique herbs and flowers which they use to heal and protect their bodies. In the production process, these ingredients and methods are studied and adapted to create a range of beauty products unlike any other.

Owning the largest organic farm in Siberia we wild harvest many of the herbs used in our products and support the indigenous people of Siberia.

Natura Siberica have received a number of international awards for their commitment to nature.

Born in Siberia, Natura Siberica has turned Siberian beauty secrets into a unique natural face, hair and body care range.


Unique & Powerful


Natural & Organic


Wild Harvested




Our organic farm cultivates the finest ingredients for many of our products.



Our range is proudly certified to the strictest natural and organic cosmetic standards.